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Beautiful insects in Taiwan

In Taiwan there are many beautiful insects. There are also some no-so-glamorous ones, but I’m not going to talk about those here and now. I took some pictures of these insects below on a day trip one spring time a few years ago. We went to an old pottery on the outskirts of Nantou County. The place also had a special wildlife garden and pools full of plants and busy with flying and swimming insects as you can see.


In this first picture you can see a beautiful dragonfly. Its wings are hard to see, even in the big photo downloaded straight from my camera, they are almost transparent. It’s hard for viewers to judge the size of this insect from this picture but I can tell you the body of this insect is about 5 or 6cm long according to my memory.


Here’s another dragonfly from the same day. This shot is obviously taken by a pond, you can see the large discs of the waterlily leaves floating in the background. The dragonfly itself is resting on a water lily flower. This dragonfly is beautifully coloured, a very deep and stunning red, it’s a shame that the picture looks so small on this web page. The double wings on this insect are particularly eye catching, the overall look reminds me of a WW1 “red baron” fighter plane!


Here is another contrast. The butterfly I pictured in this photo is really rather plain in a pale leafy way. However this plainness really helps make a feature of the dual coloured flower upon which it is resting. Of course there’s lots more colourful and wonderful insects in Taiwan but that’s all for now on Taiwan Teapot!

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