Taiwanese Culture

Taiwan’s Night Markets

Taiwan’s special night markets are a very famous cultural signature of Taiwan. What is special about just a market at night you may ask… Well they aren’t just markets. They are a lot more than markets. The kinds of markets that sell meat, fish and vegetables in the west take place here in Taiwan in the morning and day times and usually at a completely different venue dedicated to such produce. Night markets are more like a nightly carnival with food and shopping liberally mixed in. So they can be quite a lot more entertaining than a morning or a day market.

Taipei – Shilin Night Market

This is probably Taiwan’s most famous night market, it’s one of the biggest and takes place in the capital city. Apparently there are more than 500 food stalls alone within this night market!


Above you can see one of the entrances to Shilin. If you are in Taipei and want to get to this market the best way is via the underground metro system – head to Jiantan Station on the Tamsui Line.

Taichung – Fengjia (or Feng Chia) Night Market

This is the night market where I have been the most often because I used to live near to Taichung and also went to high school in this city – Taiwan’s third biggest city in the middle of the island geographically.


This night market is near Feng Chia University so of course it’s a popular destination for students who all love the wide range of hot and cold snacks to be eaten and all the fun and games that can be had at the carnival-like stalls. Some of my favourite game stalls are “hoopla” and the air guns. Also you will see very many stalls featuring the game with water filled balloons and darts.


Kaohsiung – Liuhe Night Market

Kaohsiung’s biggest and best night market is called Liuhe Night Market. I’ve only been there once or twice as I haven’t been to this southernmost city very often. Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second biggest city and a very big and important port.


The night market here was great and had all the attractions you would expect. Overall I think that seafood, already popular in Taiwan, is even more prominent at this night market. That’s better than the touristy prominence of snake restaurants in Taipei!

If you visit Taiwan and have a spare evening make sure to go down to your local night market for a bit of food and fun!