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Taiwan’s West coast scenes

The most accessible coast of Taiwan is on the West side of the island. This is the side of Taiwan where most people live. On the west the typical seaside is sandy and graduates slowly into the sea. Down the middle and towards the East of Taiwan a very large mountain range dominates the island. The east coast is characterised, in contrast to the West, by cliffs and boulders as the mountain range nears the sea.

Today I am sharing a few pictures of the West coast. I’ve found beautiful scenes of two places I visited a few years back. First of all I’ll start by the middle of Taiwan’s West coast.


You can see above quite an attractive scene. This is a picture taken from the shore near Lugang. The sea there gets ever so gradually deeper and the sea bed is very sandy. The local fishermen have constructed miles of what you see above. These structures are made to cultivate oyster growth and make them easy to harvest.


As the day became night I managed to take a great sunset shot which makes the sea have a gold appearance. Also you can see the tide has risen slightly to cover more of the Oyster nets.

Now lets go South. I often visit the lovely resort of Kenting National Park. Some people call this Taiwan’s Hawaii, but I think that is tretching the point… Nevertheless the area has great hotel, beaches and good nightlife as any good seaside resort should do.


I caught with my camera the last few jet-boat rides as the sun set that day. The clouds particularly enhanced the scene. If you go to Kenting the sea tides are quite strong as you face the open Pacific ocean. It’s advisable not to swim too far off shore and be vigilant even if you are a strong swimmer.


Here’s another shot of the same view as it got even darker and people reluctantly left the beach area. No problem, there’s lots of fun to be had in Kenting town with the lively night life and perpetual night markets!

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