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Taipei 101, great shopping, food and views

Taipei 101 is a truly impressive sight which dominates the skyline of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city. The building, with 101 floors above ground and 5 below, provides the most fantastic views of the city and surrounding area but it is also a sight to behold in itself.

Below you can see a picture of Taipei 101 on a good clear day. The interesting and unique shape of the building is influenced by an organic form; that of bamboo. As your eye runs up the tower shape you can see the riged segments. The main segments consist of 8 floors each, a lucky number in Chinese culture. Of these similar riged sections there are also 8.


There are lots of things to do at Taipei 101 for locals and tourists alike. At the base of the building there is a vast and impressive shopping mall. This mall houses stores owned by many of the world’s prestige brands such as Prada, Dior and Versace. There are further sections of this skyscraper dedicated to restaurants. Above the lower floor mall and restaurants much of the building is used by international finance and banking corporations. However the top is again used for pleasure/leisure and it features a number of fine dining restaurants and an observatory where tourists can get the best views of the city.


At night the view is quite different but still stunning. In the picture above you can see the lights of the elegant looking tower rising above the cauldron of lights which emanate from central Taipei.

Taipei 101 was completed in 2004 and reigned supreme as the world’s tallest building, being 509 m (1,669.9 ft) tall, until 2010. Two other buildings have surpassed its height since 2010 but I won’t mention them here as this site is all about Taiwan! Every new year the Taipei 101 building provides a great firework show to welcome in the new year, it can be seen for miles around. If you go to visit Taiwan stopping by Taipei 101 on one of your days is a must.


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