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Over 1,000 bananas on one banana palm tree

Here’s an amazing picture from my uncle’s garden. I’m sure many of you have seen bananas growing before when you visit a tropical country – but normally you can see a few bunches perhaps numbered in the tens.

Uncle's banana palm tree
Uncle’s banana palm tree

The photo above is from my uncle’s garden showing a banana palm tree he has which literally bears 1,000s of bananas. I’ve lived in Taiwan many years and been to other countries where they grow bananas like Cyprus and Madeira – however I’ve never seen anything like this!

In the picture the lower bananas are quite short and stubby, but some people like them this way. I’ll ask my uncle to send me an updated picture when/if he has time and more bananas are ripe.

Have you ever seen a banana palm tree like this? If you have any pictures of bigger bunches of bananas please link or share them below.