Taiwanese Culture

Visiting a potter in Yuanlin

Yesterday I visited a potter in Yuanlin in Taiwan. He lives in the town where my auntie lives and is an old school friend of my mother’s. Now pottery isn’t his full time job but he has developed this hobby into a very nice little business and so the whole ground floor of the house is dedicated to pottery, art and the making and display of these pieces.


There are so many variations of the teapot and cup shape to see in his studios and they look fantastic as you can see from these pictures.


Tea is important to Taiwanese culture and having a show-piece set of traditional tea making and tea drinking pottery is very important to most families. A matching set with teapot at it’s centre can be a great talking point for visitors and guests.


A full tea set can contain a teapot, various kinds of burners to heat water and/or keep your tea hot and of course cups. The pottery in Yuanlin I visited had many beautiful examples to see but also lots of other pottery examples, mainly consisting of bowls and vases which could look good anywhere in your home in groups or individually.


Also here you can see pottery being made at the weekends and see the craftsman at work. Currently the studio doesn’t have its own website but when it does I will share the link here.